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The madden showdown!
May 31, 2008, 1:40 am
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Derek and I played a good ol game of madden football on xbox!! It was late and there was lots of mountain dew, energy drinks, and chocolate chip cookies involved! To my enjoyment I beat him both games we played! 31 to 0 the first game! (he quite that one early cause he wasn’t very happy about it) The second game as you can see got a lot more exciting! There was screaming and jumping and flailing about like crazy people. But I again came out on top beating him 49 to 35!! There was a glimmer of hope for him late in the 4th quarter with like 10 seconds left but he blew it and i ended up getting a victory, rub it in his face, pour salt in the wound touchdown with 4 seconds left in the game!! Good time had by all!

– In his defense he did beat me the other night by one touchdown in overtime! But still, this night is the one that counts!!

– Feel free to leave plenty of comment bashing him!! I will make sure he sees them! =)



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Comment by Meagan

what happened to the southern voice of victory “i geot theis!!!” ??
maybe you didn’t jump consistently high enough… Keila was getting up there!! :)

Comment by Meagan

Oh my heavens!!!! What were you both on?? BTW, way to go keiks!!!!

Comment by simplygrove

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