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It was fun… in a completely terrifying way!
August 29, 2008, 9:32 pm
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what more do i need to say! =)


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hahaha man, looks so scary

i really enjoy that the music conveniently replaces all the screams :)

Comment by meg

Keila Brooke ….if not for the fact that you had the foresight to take off your hat before jumping, I would think you were insane! From now on, please keep these things hidden from me. Oh, but thanks for not doing the flippy over thing! Mom

Keeks…THAT’S MY GIRL! Dad ….Next time try the flippy over thing!

Comment by knlb8s

I was there! I jumped and swinged and awesome… and then got stuck.

Comment by marc

Ohhhhhhhh, Keeks you are so adventurous! You wont see Me and Kenz doing that…hehe

Comment by Rachelle

Nice Vid Keila! I added it to my myspace page. good times, Hope we can do it again before summer ends !! what the heck, lets do it this winter too!

Comment by austin

I’ve done that!!!!! It is totally RAD!!! Who’d you go with???

Comment by Jake

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