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Let that be a lesson to ya… #3
September 24, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Taking Exedrin PM at like 11:00pm makes for very weird mornings!

Your roommates will think you are crazy for asking things like… “were you in my room this morning?”

Also you will have a really annoying dream about this really obnoxious noise going off every five minutes that you can’t wait up from!



love letter to my mini!
September 20, 2008, 8:07 pm
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Dear darling mini,

Oh how I miss you! It has been about over 2 months now since we have been together! I have thought about you everyday! Do you miss me? I don’t know about you but my days just aren’t the same with out you. Colors aren’t as bright, food has lost its taste, jokes aren’t as funny, laughter is full of guilt! How dare I try and be happy without you! I fool myself!

Feelings of joy come back to me in glimpses when I remember our times together! I remember the first time I saw you, all practicality dispersed and I couldn’t imagine myself without you! Our first drive together, it was obvious we were like two puzzle pieces, each designed only for the other!

We go perfect together mini! Like peas & carrots, lock & key, king & queen, milk & cookies, staples & staplers, moths & light bulbs, toothbrush & toothpaste, needle & thread, hot chocolate & mini marshmallows, duck & water, dog & his bone, stars & stripes, rainbows & promises, thunder & lightning, dare I say it mini…. we are like clam chowder and peanut butter!! Its hard to have one without the other!!

We are soul mates me and you. It hurts my heart that we are not togther! But take heart mini…. soon and very soon! I say again…. soon and very soon!

Sincerely yours,

I’m never going to do my hair again!
September 4, 2008, 6:31 pm
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ok so that was a little bit dramatic but seriously… everyone and their dog commented on my hair yesterday…

“Nice hair cut Keila!”

“Your hair looks so cute! Did you do something different?”

“I love your hair… will you be my hair stylist?” (haha that one made me smile)

“Hey I was going to tell you earlier, I really like your hair today!”

Here is what went into yesterdays hair do….

  • 3 days ago (yes that is right… 3 DAYS!!) I wore my hair curly! I have naturally curly hair so I basically just out of the shower and smeared some product in it and went on my way
  • Then I slept on it that night and woke up with some pretty intense bedhead. So I wrapped it into a bandana and went on my way. I actually like the urban grunge bandanna look! Its fun!
  • Then I slept on it again and woke up with extremely intense bedhead! So in my laziness and impatience with my hair that so badly needs a haircut, I wrapped it again in a bandanna and went on my way.
  • By this point my hair is kinda greasy and the curl has been all pulled out and laid flat from the bandannas…  I went home and took the bandanna off cause it was kind of annoying and then just went on my way to church!

And the compliments came flooding in!!!!
Honestly I can’t think of anything less I could have done to make my hair look “good”
So I have come to the completely logical conclusion that I am NEVER doing my hair again! ;)

Actually I am just calling this next week my “grunge phase”… It should be interesting!

Let that be a lesson to ya… #2
September 3, 2008, 9:07 pm
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When Tracy tells you she has a really cute cousin that is your age…. DON’T agree with her!!

You will never hear the end of it!!


(me and trac and baby halle in the pic)

oh I love my brother….
September 1, 2008, 9:32 pm
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So Tyson (my little brother… by 11 months) and Vanessa are going to have a baby!! Its going to be a boy!! I am so very excited!! I can’t wait!

So in having a baby… you obviously have to give the baby a name! I think names are really fun and actually like unusual names especially since my name is pretty uncommon! However there is most definitely a line between what is an unusual name and what is a just down right ridiculous name. Tyson and this line became very well acquainted! =)

First he wanted to name the kid Raphael… like from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
My response: oh geez!

Then one day I came home and as I’m walking in the door Ty goes “Hey Kei…. what do you think of the name Galileo?” (100% serious)
My response: “A name for what?”
Tyson: “For the baby of course…”
Me: “oh….. yeah NO! I thought you ment a name for a cat or something… No definitely don’t name your kid that!”

But probably one of the funniest name stories is when my mom and I were mentioning Levi as a name. After all it is his middle name and it a cool name too!
Tyson’s response: “Well… If I was going to name him Levi I would want to go with the FULL name… which is Leviticus!” (again…100% serious)
My response: …………………….. Almost fell out of my chair laughing!!

Oh man I love my brother!!!!
And in case you are wondering the name they are going with is Ezekiel Loren Bates… which I LOVE!!! =)

I can’t wait to be an auntie!!!