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23 on the 23rd
February 23, 2010, 5:19 pm
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Today is my “golden birthday!” I’m 23 on the 23rd! And officially older them my brother… he caught up to me on valentines day by turning 22, but now i take my rightful place as oldest again! =)
Do I feel older you ask… Well yes. Yes I do. Or at least I did until this morning… waking up to balloons and birthday banners and marshmallow pancakes for breakfast from my roomies kinda make me feel like I just turned 5. But I SOOO loved it! And was so proud of them for actually cooking!

Yesterday at my birthday party that my wonderful boyfriend threw for me I realized something, I am blessed with THE most wonderful people in my life. They are my best friends, and my heros and I love that I get to live this life with them! I might be bias but I can’t image that anywhere else in this world has a more amazing group of people. And I am privileged to spend my days with them!

So on my birthday I dedicate this blog to all my wonderful friends and my amazing family! I’m so excited for what God has for all of us this next year and I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU MORE THAN I CAN SAY!!