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Oh silly lamp!
May 23, 2008, 10:52 pm
Filed under: About me!

So I had this favorite lamp in my cubicle at work a while ago. I’m not sure why i loved it so much, some people thought it wash kind of ugly but not me! It had a special place in my heart. I think the reason was more about the personality this little lamp had rather then the amount of light it gave off or the element of decor it brought to my work space!  You see this lamp was really sensitive.  I would turn it on, and it would shine its light. Sometimes the first time but other times it would take a few tries. But never the less I would eventually get it working as any good lamp should.  The funny part about this lamp is that at any given moment the lamp would just shut off and to get it back on I would have to grab the base of it and shake it. The light would flicker a little as i shook it and either turn on… or not, in which case i would continue shaking it until it did turn back on. I was never annoyed at the fact the lamp did this, I would always kind of shake my head, laugh, and enjoy the quarky little personality of my lamp.

This is what i liken my creativity too! Completely sensitive and moody and random and no real solution or remedy for it when it decides to turn off other then awkwardly shaking it around a bit until it turns on again. For example, I’m supposed to be this really creative graphic designer and yet today i sat brain locked for like 20 minutes in trying to fill out the “about” part of my page. Like really?? I can’t even tell you an little bit about me?  Apparently not!

So anyways, just giving you a heads up. My creativity is so incredibly moody so expect nothing less of this blog! =)